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As an indication:


Initial discussion: Free of charge


A press release,

short article, case study:

From £ 40


Longer article, feature

for print or web:

From £175


A business plan or

annual report:

From £500


Strategic work on brand

or messaging

From £ 500


Customer insight

(interviews, surveys)                                        

From   £175 (per half day)

5 year communications

strategy in full                                

From £1000 (depending on scale)


Travel time:

No charge (out of pocket expenses only)



How I work and price structure

How it works


You may need one off practical help with a writing task, which needs to be delivered tomorrow.


Or it may be a more strategic long term support need.

Whatever the need, I am happy to have that discussion with you.


I will need to understand your objectives, and clarify your timescale.

Then we can talk about and agree a plan of action which will bring you most value and be most effective for you.

I will suggest a schedule of delivery which is realistic and which fits with your need.

In terms of charges, this would be agreed in advance and payable on delivery.


Pricing structure

I keep my rates as low as I possibly can for any non-profit organisation, while maintaining a high quality of service. This is part of my personal ethos.

Costs vary depending on the scale of the project, but I can generally work to your budget.


I often am able to offer certain elements of a project pro-bono, for example follow up meetings, to help keep your costs down.

My charges can also be reduced to an agreed structure for long term support or 'retainers'.



"She has an approach that focuses on outcomes for the customer or beneficiary, harnesses the skills of other people in a way that builds teams and develops people, and is a clear, influential voice."

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